Monday, May 12, 2014

When I was a kid | Soap bubbles

Assalamualaikum. =) Good day everyone!

So I've been into Boey's cartoons lately since The Rocking Hijab mentioned it in one of her posts. Then I bought When I was a kid. Story-telling our childhood memories, shamelessly, was usually an activity while hanging out with close friends. It's awesome when you know there's others who's been there done that (even the freakiest things, you thought only you'd done before). I, sometimes found myself being greedy to open up all my past stories which I think will be great to be shared (you know, when everyone's started talking enthusiastically) but then again, not all got the chance to be spoken of. So the existence of this book was such a wow thing. Yeah now I can tell my stories, uninterrupted, and you've got no choice but to 'listen' to it....see I told you it's great, and you did that too huh?! lol - was what I 'd probably write upon the dedication page of the book, if I'm the one writing it.

Oh okay enough said, I got inspired by Boey to share my childhood stories too. 

When I was a kid, I thought getting a bath was such a nuisance. Why would you bath, when there's a lot of other fun stuffs to do? And plus it's cold, and then you have to find your own clothes and change into it, and that was hard work (lol. seriously? seriously.) So bathing was boring since we envy the kids on tv who got to bath with a cute pink elephant, or in a waterpark or in a bathroom with flowers floating around in bubbles. And we only have a water basin that contained the water from the water pipe, Lux Soap Bar, Emeron Shampoo and Colgate; in the bathroom. Our bathroom was actually an outdoor one, since I grew up in the village and we could actually splash water at the passing-by chickens and goose. And o yeah our water came from the nearby hill's river so taking a bath before going to school at 5 am was incredibly hard. 

But sometimes bathing is fun. We played bubbles. My dad was strict; he never bought us the bubble toy. So we made ours. While scrubbing our body we blow bubbles and made them as big as possible. From the smallest size of the smallest circle you could ever make with your thumb and index finger, to the largest size of the largest circle you could ever make with you and your sister's arm. But surely enough the bubbles didn't last long and didn't float up; they fell and plop! they went. But we have great time, so sometimes mom had to shoo us out from the bathroom. 

Sometimes I applied the soap directly on my lips so that I can blow a lot. lol

And now that I've been using shower cream it felt funny.

Then I bought When I was a kid 2. 



  1. Haha.. We did the same, too! We had fun with this kind of thing. Can you see how creative we were compared to the kids nowadays who stick their mind and body to gadgets?? What a pity right. Our childhood is definitely fantastic!

  2. nice sharing dear...

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