Friday, May 9, 2014

Can't stop smiling

Assalamualaikum. =) =) =)

I'm biting my lips tight because since a few minutes ago I can't stop smiling.

It's a garden of butterflies here in my stomach hewhewhew *inhale.exhale* and I felt funnily high right now haha because finally! unexpected-ly! 

I'm going for a vacation!!!! With ma beloved femiliiihhhh!!! *pronunciation unrecognisable because of le mouth wants to smile widely*

Okay it's kinda funny to say it that way (I'm sorry are you feeling sorry right now? Nah please don't) like we haven't even gone for any holidays before. No, no we're not that workaholic family naahhh we just couldn't get the timing right. And plus, we really are patient and docile daughters so yeah, this is very deserving!! Or perhaps Dad had read my blog posts before and realize his daughters (this one in particular) need some stress relieving holiday. *gasp*

Not that the other holidays before were stress-inducing naahhh. I'm actually quite content when Dad announced, for example, 'to go fishing tomorrow' and that actually made my day. Even if *cough* I didn't *cough* caught anything *COUGH COUGH COUGH*. Sometimes Dad trained us to be tough. Like, cleaning the yard and other houseworks and gardening. Mind you it's not that usual gardening haha. But most of the time he lets us lazing around since we only came back home for holidays and Dad is such a sweetheart that he just sigh when he saw what we're doing and yeah we're just laying in the front room watching Variety Shows. Or perhaps cooking and eating when he just came back from our backyard (after chopping down some trees). We flashes our horrid smiles haha. Well that's le Dad, that silent sweet Dad. 

And oh yea I'm not trying to sound so 'what a loving child she is' here because Dad had planned a trip for us. I was so touched because what I look forward for this holiday is countless times of fishing trips, but tadahhh I got much more than that. It's Allah's way to cheer me up. Because AR is coming up next semester *scream*. 

Anyway Alhamdulillah not only this happy news about vacation is coming, I think my joint problems are getting better. Only my lymph nodes on both sides are still swelling ugh and I'm relying on time to fix that; just like it helps my stiff wrists, arms, knees and ankles to heal back itself. Or so I hope. Oh please just don't make me see the doctors! But still there's my backache and headache. Oh sihat sebelum sakit kan. 

Now again Alhamdulillah. Can't wait for this upcoming 29th May. Oh wait, I shall buy some new clothes! B-)



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