Monday, June 17, 2013

Holiday Aftermath

Assalamualaikum =)

So I'm back in this little room after enjoying my 3-weeks holiday. 

And it feels like... what am I doing here? 

Obviously enough, I'm in my 6th semester and after 2 more weeks I'll be at SKMJ for the Practicum Phase II. There should be an adrenaline-rush kinda feel, but my heart and mind are still at home.

Well that would heal soon. I hope.

After almost 5 months leaving home, I came back for school mid-year break and the house's renovation is almost complete. Oh wait, Dad's not renovating the house; he's completing it. Alhamdulillah. And 3 baby bunnies are running everywhere inside the house. Huh? Mom said that they have been inside the house for weeks already and why was she okay with that, I don't know. She had always seems very fussy about letting a pet that hardly make sounds and pooped and peed everywhere anytime they like, inside the house. Mop and cloth were always on standby for the cleaning. But after I got home, they were placed back in the cage, reunite with their families and hopped along the not-so-lush grass. 

I've been reading my 1Q84, aiming to finish it before the holiday ends and leave the bulky book at home. But it seems hard to make up some time for that because there's always something to do at home, and I have to bring the book back because the story is getting interesting and there's just a few more pages left. On my Miri-Kuching flight I read the rest of the book and it feels like showing 'hey look I'm reading a thick book'. But the passenger seated next to me looks like he's reading the most interesting book of the year. Right after he puts on the seat belt, he urgently opened the section of the book where he had bookmarked using his ticket, and almost crouching, starts reading it like he'll lost his memory if he didn't read it as soon as possible. He was reading the tiny printed words with bulging eyes and sometimes move the book close to his face. He has long legs, and sitting so uncomfortably I feel like pushing the seat in front of him to give a little more space. Why on earth did you buy the economy class ticket? But he continued on reading and only stopped two times for a few seconds to 1) receive his meal and 2) unbuckle his seat belt before boarding off the plane. That man, ladies and gentlemen, was book-drunk. 

I can just stand a few minutes reading because it feels like competing with him. I can't read a book when someone beside me reading his book like being chased by a train while uncomfortably running away with flippers. It makes my head ache. So I put down my book and sleep instead.

I'll be going home again this upcoming Raya, but there's a lot to catch up before that, like memorizing verses of Luqman, Nuh, ar-Rahman, al-Jinn and the entire 30th Juzu'. It's been a long time since my last hafazan and this needs extra workout and discipline since my memory had been all rusty thanks to Maggi and junk foods. ugh. Just...wish me luck.

I'll be updating soon. Salam Sya'aban! 

It's Harry Potter! *giggle* he's about 3 weeks old now. It's not a hamster, it's a bunny.

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Thanks in advance! 


  1. Wootsie. Someone's back in Kuching. Im staying back in BL this whole week and probably going out every afternoon to "Apek Gantung". Let's see if I am able to recognize you if we happen to meet. LOL :p

  2. Apek Gantung? apa ya Vee? I haven't had a plastic surgery so haha yes we'll see if we recognize each other one day.

  3. Best la ada kekuatan minda untuk menghafal beberapa surah pilihan, especially Ar Rahman, one of my favourite...tahniah sis u r the best!


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