Thursday, November 8, 2012

Running Man | Moving coffee cup accident

Salam alaykum =)

It's 1.16 AM. I'm an owl. Proven. =D

Just taking a sneak peak of Running Man Episode 118 a bit before going to sleep and found this scene. Haha LOL. They were in a camping car, the one like WooJung couple used before they get their own home, and the one like SNSD used on episode 63. 

Happy chitchat as usual when suddenly the car takes a U-turn and everything on the table moved towards SukJin. 

Sorry...I just cut the scene and convert it into GIF image using aTube Catcher rather than playing with Photoshop to get the HD result. Not quite friendly with CS5, I am. But here's the video cut.



Anda nak komen? PILIHAN BIJAK! Sila, sila....