Friday, October 19, 2012

Making your own flash website

Salam alaykum =)

It's been a long time since I post something beneficial like this *grins*. I'm not Mashable or any MakeUseOf writers, but I've been eager to share this. Since I love to surf online, I've stumbled upon a lot of website-making sites but I can't recall those more fascinating than these:

Think of making your own website for free? And with interesting features and designs and formats? Join Wix and get a chance to design your OWN website; Flash Website or HTML5, both offers a range of creative tools for you to create beautiful and stunning website, yet very interactive and cool! And it's simple - no coding needed, you just have to drag-and-drop and click-and-edit.

I like this a lot, because there's a lot of template to choose from that was designed for any purpose; religious sites, tuition classes, special clubs, recreational activity- anything! And if you want to create your own template, simply choose the blank template and you're ready to spill some ink and decorate! 

The flaws? Well, I'm not a professional website designer, so there's only one thing that bothers me. After publishing your site so it's live on the Internet, it's FREE but not fully yours to keep. When you open your site, you'll find that your site name viewed on your browser tab will appear like this "(your site name) Blank Template" . The template name tags along with your site name. But it'll go away if you become a premium member, which is, if you pay for your site. But if you wouldn't mind about this, you can just keep it for free for as long as you want to.

Here's the screenshots.

This one is just like Wix, only that it's faster, and you'll start off with a 'blank sheet'. The template applied may only be the placement of the tabs, but everything is designed by you, yourself. In Wix, you got to edit the template, which means you can keep the background image, the colours etc; but in Webs, you have to drag-and-drop and upload your own images and stuffs, well, most of the time. But I assure that you'll have a great time getting everything in order!

I will explain more - in pictures!

Too much exclamation mark because I'm so excited! =)) 

Well of course if you're good at making sites using Dreamweaver or Macromedia Flashplayer or any other website-making applications that deals with coding and other complicated stuff, you wouldn't need these instant site builders. This is just a few from hundreds of site builders options on the web, so well, it's up for you to decide.

Clumsy ending. *silly grin*

Happy website-making!

nota kaki | This personal review is written by me, Murni. I'm not a professional site-builder, architect, computer programmer or studying in any computer / multimedia-related major courses in any universities or colleges. I'm just a normal teacher trainee who happen to be an internet maniac =) 

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