Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rant on subtitle drama Korea Part II

Read Part 1 here.

5.29 AM . SUN . 14th OCTOBER 2012 .

Finally it's over! *blowing my nose* No I'm not crying really. Actually I'm having flu for three days already, and I guess today's the worst; rapid runny nose, extremely sensitive to a friend called DUST and I think my throat got slimmer that it's hard to breath! Literally. Naahhh I'm not crying! 

But sick people should lay in bed with gloomy face and refuse to eat and then sleep all day long because they would rather 'switch off themselves' than having to withstand the pain from their sickness but I've been spending the night watching 'Protect The Boss' with some pauses here and there because I have to read the recap online since the subs are so useless and googling about the actors and everything about the drama while blowing my nose and barking...I mean coughing. Luckily my room mate snooze well. Yeah, I try to sneak out some leftover porridge but she woke up to switch off her laptop. We were doing dramas and movies marathon since yesterday. Heheh.

I'm used to it. It's like an annual thing. The flu, I mean.

Would say that I pretty much love to share some reviews about that yesteryear's drama, but I can't sort my mind out. It's too awesome!

For the past 8 hours, I was; 
shrinking and cringing
screaming silently
smiling broadly
smiling slightly
smiling *just the normal smile*
pausing to stare 
and rewinding the scenes that made me do the things mentioned above.

Since this drama is a romantic comedy drama, it's suppose to be romantic and comedic right? But the villains portrayed in these kind of dramas are always looked so vulgar, annoying and I'm-betraying-at-your-back and then died or get too pathetic in the end, but the villains how should I say it, cute?

Yes, cute. The Dad is so childish; the girl who's evil at first become friends with the heroin at the 6th episode; the mothers may look like they got a bank of brilliant ideas to destroy their happiness but instead they are just like normal ahjummas and the betrayer, Secretary Kim looks decent at first but it turn out that he got some humour too. 

Overall, I love it. The sweetness is just perfect. Though there are some funny events that sweep away the romantic atmosphere, well I just like it. Not the usual mushy perfect lovers events.

And I like this smile. 

And ooh, I found another ridiculous subs again of all the most ridiculous ones.

They were having lovers fight but he's laughing?? XD

Pakistan have nothing to do with this drama and that angry Dad. To all Pakistan all over the world, I'm sorry on behalf of the subbers . *GT did that. You know GT right? Yep *

After the final lovely scene and the ending song and the behind-the-scenes, I'm still staring at the monitor hoping that there's some kind of surprise video at the end or perhaps some scene to add a twist at the ending *the very ending.* But nothing. The VLC player just crumpled up to it's original size. Then I say "Oooohhh it's already the end??". So frustrated.

That's just normal kdrama syndrome. 

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