Wednesday, October 10, 2012

awkward moment #1

Salam alaykum =)

I was on the phone with Dad, Mum and my eldest sister just now. And I guess it's not the first time that the conversation ends with...


If we can laugh it off, it'll be okay, but this is a phone conversation, not the usual lepak-lepak that we used to do at home together.  No body humour and mocking expression and laughing like crazy and pointing at each other saying 'you're the BIG girl' and other things that siblings used to argue about while everybody actually is pretty much the same. o_O"

Yeah well that's a different story. Ahem.

We were talking happily about her  graduation day, my plane ticket for this upcoming holiday bla bla bla when suddenly I lost track of what my sister's were saying, and then silence.

My brain was trying to give CPR to the suddenly-unconcsious happy talk, but I was mumbling and there's no response for a few seconds and then she said "Ha??" 

O Ya Rabbi that's embarassing 


I struggled to stay away from the 'end call' button *hey it's rude to suddenly hang up when the elder was talking!* because it's the only way to escape safely!! Anyhow I did recite my usual closure "Salam rah mama, salam rah bapa. Ok assalamualaikum." and she just 'okay', and hang up. Here, I'm being tortured by that tickling eerie feeling of shame and can't dysfunction my brain to think that they are thinking that I'm weird and are thinking of making fun of that.

"You know Pikah always talks weirdly on the phone."
"She was like...'ooohhh I got nothing more to say' but still wants to chat anyway. Why don't just hang up?"

and PUHAHAHAHAHAA after that. 



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