Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living a non-fairy tale life isn't that bad.

Salam alaykum =)

Not a very tempting title, I know, but it's just that small typical feeling of being a little bit bored with my typical life that makes me want to write a little in this entry.

I'm just an ordinary human.

Woken up at 5, sometimes at 6; Subuh prayer, feels so lazy to walk to the mosque for Subuh prayer in jamaah; Then continue sleeping a little bit and woken up with an 'alamak! gilo aku dh lambat g kelas' instead of MasyaAllah, O God I'm late! ; taking a speedy bath less than 5 minutes 'just the essentials' ; wearing clothes I didn't have to iron; and walking with long steps to class while wearing the 'Hey I'm cool' expression.

50 : 50 rate of learning in class. 50% consists of the knowledge I've acquired, synthesis of ideas, brainstorming while trying to make up with a theory that feels more sane than the one taught by the lecturers, analyzing ideas and doing the homework. The other 50% is literally for dozing off or 'flying away' in class. Yes, that's normal.

Evening is my rest time. Don't make me work out. Ok that part of me isn't normal, right, I know...

And night, finally at the mosque, my time with Allah... ok and 10% of it with my friends. =)

And then some time to do homework - usually the one I need to submit tomorrow - and finally at 12 am, I shut my eyes again.

Well, not always at 12 am. Sometimes later. I do have some spare time needed to watch some entertainment. My life isn't of that black and white monochrome routine. 

"What's with the extra long babbling?"

Well, I know while reading this, some of you would probably nod or not; some would say yes, I did that too, while some will say, nope, I did this and that not like you. 

See? I'm living an ordinary but different life. We may look at the same sky, but different cloud. We're using the same brand of shampoo but at different time. We walked on the same earth, but different place. 

Life's ordinary. And this is one ordinary entry. Nothing special, I know.

But while writing this, slowly I felt that sense of belonging , that feeling of relieve, of that when you know that you're actually very lucky.

To live.

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