Thursday, June 21, 2012

A tell tale of my fairytale

sorry for the lame title. [ads | Ghosts in dramas? This one has too!]

I had just finished watching k-drama "The Greatest Love" which was aired in 2011 by MBC, before "Heartstrings". But I've watched Yonghwa's before Cha Seungwon's. The convenience of internet and laptop. 

One of my habit is that after watching certain drama's or variety shows or movies, I will wiki-ed and googled everything about that - the storyline, actors and actresses, their previous and upcoming works etc etc. 

And I've just returned from wiki-ing about Cha Seungwon, the lead actor of The Greatest Love. And no surprise to know that he's 42 already. And have a 20 year-old son. 

Oh my.

My sister suggested that I watch it, I did, after she attempted to show me the trailer. But only the first episode. Just fascinated that there's a lot of look-alikes in the drama. There's 'Couple Making', similar to We Got Married; Star Date; Quiz To Change The World etc; and the appearance of Lee Seunggi and several MC like Park Misun, as cameos. This drama certainly make me feels like I'm walking at the backstage or television stations as it reveals the truth and ups and downs about entertainment industry, as in south Korea, where idols and celebrities are as precious as diamonds. And news spread quicker than lightning.

I thumbs-upped this drama. Why? After watching too many korean dramas, I can easily predict the storyline, therefore, nowadays I didn't watch the dramas till  the end. Because I know what will happen. And there goes the melodramatic background song everytime there's sad scene, and happy song, when the leads were together. 

But what I like about this drama is that the hilarious, unpredictable sound effect which makes me laugh hard on some scenes. And several puns and wordplay and comedic comments throughout the drama. Hard to explain, so I suggest you watch it yourself. And Gong Hyo Jin's acting was good, she's really pitiful in this drama. And it's not korean drama if there's no scene that got you teary-eyed.

But I prefer Yoon Pil Ju to 'win' at the end, but still, this drama is good. (Man, he's too kind)

Overall, it's worthy to watch.

I kept on humming that Dugeun, Dugeun song now, as if it made my heart beating, just like Dok Go Jin.  

the awkwards | 
1. "Cha Seungwon is yes, handsome, but he's 42, ok yes he's handsome, he's handsome, but his voice sounded like a king in the history dramas; but still he's the lead actor, so he's handsome"- I kept on thinking like this because it kinda disturbing to see his up-close face everytime in this drama. But that ttalbabo certainly have a charm of his own. Why protest others when you're not even perfect, right?
2.  there WERE some cheesy parts, which I had to fast-forward because it made my cringe.
3. I kept on thinking why two awesome man fell in love with her so earnestly, and willing to do anything for her, but then if it wasn't, then it wouldn't be a drama, right?
4. No offense but, why Dok Go Jin? No other names? It sounded weird to me. (perhaps, it's meaningful in Korean)

Alright end of babbling. Sorry for the broken english. *yawn*

"When did all our country's citizens became paparazzi?" 
-Dok Go Jin, eps 13, as translated-


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