Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Barely There Short Film


I've always been a short film hoarder. I just collect videos, not commenting on any.

And this one is really, really sad. But enlightening at the same time.

I didn't cry buckets. I'm just soooo sad it felt like a huge lump in my chest that makes me gasping for air as I sigh and sigh, deep sighs and I thought

I have to share this!

(I've been writing up many posts but all ended up as drafts. pft.)

Video Credit to Youtube Channel CG Meetup and the film maker Hannah Lee and Ringling College of Art and Design

Some humans actually cannot understand that polar bears are endangered animals. That polar bears, as well as pandas, did nothing harmful enough that will endanger US HOMOSAPIENS that they have to be gone, erased from this earth.

Those dumbos.

That has bear's fur coat, or bear skin carpet, or any bear-originated things. 

Say no to bear hunting. Yucks to bear stuffs (not stuffed bear, those are an exception). And act like a human.



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