Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Rat Fairy

Salam alaik . =)

I'm typing this after a long hiatus because of the inconsistencies of our internet connection. at home. because I didn't work nor study now so I'm hanging. at home. getting a visible increase in body weight, but getting fairer because of the lack expose to sunlight. pft.

my wrists are killing me actually. really really painful. but whatever. i'm going to update on ...well, whatever.

When I was a kid....
mum told us that if our teeth got removed by itself (or by the dentist), we should give it to some imaginary rats for replacement.

I guess it's our version of Tooth Fairy. (why rats? idk)

Anyway, it's either we bury it in the ground, or throw it to the roof. I tried both ways and it's amazing that the teeth did not fall back to me when it's thrown (that's after I learn about gravity).

"Please let my new teeth look good." I'll say.

And once I even asked the dentist to give me my teeth that he pulled off so I can give the rat for replacement.

He was gobsmacked.

And now at the age of 24, I had lost 2 teeth. 



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