Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wiki-Islam : The anti-Islam site

Assalamualaikum. =)

The sun is scorching hot, the air's dry and Ebola was spotted in Kuching recently.

My, what a great Tuesday!

Anyway, so I walked through the net today : G+ --> about a woman astronaut who converted to Islam --> that it's a fake news --> about former-Muslim

That's how I got to WikiIslam . A site that I thought "Oh an Islam site, providing good information about Islam! Great!" but apparently after scanning the content map on it's main page, I was bewildered to see a topic on "Allah is the best Deceiver". Huh, that doesn't sound right. I clicked the link and upon seeing the dalil used I felt bothered. How could they manipulate Allah's words. So I looked again and I saw "Killings that was ordered by Muhammad pbuh". Oh my this is getting serious. 

And so according to Rational Wiki, this site was one of the branches of Faith Freedom International, an atheist association before it got detached few years back, and now operates on 'it's own'; you can edit the content but needs to be 'approved' before being published to the world wide web. (rational wiki isn't a dependable site too, don't trust all of it without doing further research)

And then I visited answeringskepticIslam site ( a must-read site). Suddenly the world is too small and I'm an ant. 

"Dan orang-orang yang tetap teguh serta mendalam pengetahuannya dalam ilmu-ilmu agama, berkata: Kami beriman kepadanya, semuanya itu datangnya dari sisi Tuhan kami." Dan tiadalah yang mengambil pelajaran dan peringatan melainkan orang-orang yang berfikiran." (2:8)

Knowing that Wiki Islam is an anti-Islam site could be nothing new for some people, but for me, this discovery is worthwhile and should be shared to all our muslims out there, including you, who read this. Spread the word, and let's learn more. 


  1. a world without borders will definitely leads to a world without rules...nauzubillah

  2. sekarang ni semuanya dihujung jari,apa yang kita baca tak semestinya sepanjang masa itu betul. :) sebab tu kita perlu Guru kan? :)


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