Sunday, September 7, 2014

ChurpChurp, Assignments, Death

Assalamualaikum =)

So tomorrow's the deadline for two assignments. One is an 8-pages essay, while the other is an 80-pages translating old Jawi's kitab to Rumi with modernized words. Progress : a page of essay with just the titles, and 36 pages, without the hadith . That was like 20 pages / 80 pages only. What had happened to me for the past 4 days? I lacked motivation. I loses the fight with stress. So easily giving up lol.

And so since earlier this morning I travelled to various places on the internet; to and fro Facebook, sometimes adding new tab for Google Books and Scholarships, to and fro Youtube. Ha! The main reason why there's no rapid progress in my assignments is because I'm on the internet, doing useless things, visiting useless websites. And now I'm browsing through MPH Online for latest books, don't know why I want to buy new books when I haven't finished reading the latest-bought George Orwell's 1984. My, what a lazy fella, I am.

Okay let's just skip to the main topic - ChurpChurp! If you're interested please click the link and wait for it to finished loading. Thanks very much for your attention!

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7. The simple pleasures in life, is never complete without pairing Jacob’s crackers with my favourite beverage. 

And don't forget to watch-out for my Nuffnang ads too! Muchas Gracias!

*Blocked nose. Heavy head. Nasally voice. Lazy body. I need coffee. And a great motivation to continue typing.*

Btw. RIP Eunbi. RIP RiSe. Eventually every person will die, and there's no doubt about that. May these become a sign for us to remember death. Gracious Allah, He never left us alone, there's always a way to reach the Caliphs who might forgotten about Him, even a kpopper. 

"Dialah yang menciptakan kamu dari tanah, kemudian Dia tentukan ajal (kematian kamu) dan satu ajal lagi yang tertentu di sisi-Nya (iaitu masa yang telah ditetapkan untuk dibangkitkan kamu semula pada hari Kiamat); dalam pada itu, kamu masih ragu-ragu (tentang hari pembalasan)."
Surah Al-An'am, ayat 2.



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