Thursday, April 3, 2014


Assalamualaikum =)

Oh well recently my posts were short because I'm busy (like everyone else didn't. Duh.) but as usual everytime I clicked the dashboard bookmark, I was like...already typing what I'm going to post, but the words got tangled as soon as I really starts to type. Author's block??! *gasp* nope. I haven't even published even a short story, why would I got that? *you weirdo*. ok so *rest for a sec.* I was quite weird nowadays, huh? Oh the fatigue oh the restlessness oh the confusion perhaps. everyday had been quite hectic and Wonderland-alike. Not in terms of how much beautiful fantasy in it, but the horror of unknowing things and got tangled up with weird people - like. Like the horror version of Alive in Wonderland movie. wait did I just type 'Alive'. Sorry, it's Alice. 

I've been typing previous paragraph without thinking much. that's how my mind is right now. I need to be slapped because tomorrow I got class and I can't get my mind straight, no work is done yet, I've been sailing-and-lost in the sea of Internet just now (well I still am.) First I've watched RM Ep190 (lol you know what that RM means) then I googled 'Angel Eyes' --> Kang Ha Neul --> Monstar --> (suddenly) Alcatel Pop C9 --> best budget phones under RM700 --> (suddenly) ujian personaliti kertas renyuk (wth?) --> ujian personaliti ... and stumbled upon this one quiz (CLICK HERE).


this, perhaps, is the result of being continuously stuck in confusion and rush-hours. You know, this is my last practicum and unlike previous ones I kept on doing my work (you know...RPH, BBM etc etc) exactly after 10. 10 pm. (actually I'm quite hardworking at school. you know. many eyes watching) I was actually searching for this one personality quiz about the meaning behind your attitude towards garbage. I mean, what would you do with the plastic you want to throw - will you crumple it or fold it etc etc. It seems like it's not a popular quiz - the Google doesn't really help much. AND I CAN'T GET THIS QUIZ OUT OF MY HEAD!!!, and annoyingly, it's foggy. Oh brain. Too much MSG consumed.

What was it that I want to tell actually? Hm. To be honest I want to ramble much and babble a lot about so many things but can't get the timing right. (I was in the middle of business now, actually. Busy-ness.) But like I said before, the words I want to say just smoothly typed in my head, but not by my hand. So this post was a bit too much, since I am, like I said before too, in a very wild confusion and 'I'm trapped and really eager to go out' state. 

But I actually want to talk about the personality quiz I've taken just now! Yes. that.


1. Anda tidak akan memikirkan perkara lain selain KEBeBASAN. Anda sangat menitikberatkan perjalanan hidup anda. Jadi, mustahil anda akan dikongkong oleh seseorang atau sesuatu perkara.

2. Tahap Keseganan 20%
Orang yang memilih jawapan ini mengharapkan suasana yang harmoni dan gembira apabila bersama. Jadi, dia tidak kisah untuk buat apa saja untuk membuat si dia gembira. Dia berharap dengan cara ini maka dapat menyampaikan isi hatinya pada si dia.

3. Kategori Beremosi
Anda tetap tidak dapat mengulangkaji pelajaran? Orang dikategori ini ingin menjaga kesemua aspek serentak. Oleh itu, pandai-pandailah membuat pilihan yang tepat!

4. Mempunyai luaran yang serius dan dingin tapi dalam hati adalah seorang yang peramah

5. Orang yang pilih Rumah Banglo
Anda seorang yang tidak mempunyai cita-cita atau impian. Boleh dikatakan anda tidak mempunyai sebarang niat. Walaupun prihatin terhadap apa yang berlaku di sekeliling anda, namun anda berkelakuan biasa saja. Anda tiada sebarang masalah kerana mengekalkan hati yang tenang. 

Oooohhh yeah I just copied and pasted the words. (Curious about yours? Scroll up to find the link)

Then again why would I be so obnoxious to reveal this to the public world wide web?

I was just so shocked by the accurate answer #5. 

"Tidak mempunyai cita-cita atau impian" 
"Tidak mempunyai sebarang niat."

This are what troubles me a lot. And just lately I realized it's getting too serious. To be honest, sometimes I felt like a full time actress (minus the beautiful part). When I tried to be serious, I felt like faking it. I did a lot of things half-heartedly, and I have temporary, blurry mission. If you ask a counselor- any counselor- that was a serious problem. Someone who is lost in a forest, wanting to go out, but not taking any chance or clues about the exit seriously, will be stuck in the forest forever (minus the coincidental ending where she luckily saw a way out and marry the handsome prince. what the...). Ok that was a bad analogy. So simply put, I got bored easily and you know, continuously searching for reasons are very tiring. Very.

And ooh I saw roughly that this blog's traffic were pretty fine (looks like that heartbeat-like graph in the hospital that you saw a lot in movies) so it's ok. 


(WHATT??!! that's all??!)

Keep calm and keep #PrayforMH370



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