Saturday, April 26, 2014

back again.

Assalamualaikum. =)

So I'm back. 

The header changed. I guess it's getting simpler, less attractive, yup but that's better. And my blog title change too. I thought that's better since my writings before tak layak dengan blog description heheh so...there - TADAH!

Yea I just finished my last practicum and were currently having a break before getting scolded by our lecturer because we didn't meet her to discuss about our action research. hm. It was hard because I couldn't manage my time to spare some for that. Practicum is hard. Every night we have to think of tomorrow's classes, innovating new teaching equipment / modules, writing up the plans (I hate this one.), writing reports, journals and plus this semester we have to do the AR so the report for that...and the other jobs too such as projects and etc etc. Teachers are hard-workers. No kidding. 

But unlike yester-practicums, this one is worse. I slept early, before 12 am usually; my lesson plans aren't as good as before, with 'holes' here and there; the way I behaved in front of my own students, the equipment and teaching activities were much simpler and I can't manage my time to do my AR. The last one was a suicide attempt, really. Well like I said, I deserve the scolding.

However anyway the school was great! The students were normal ones (expect kids to be naughty, but sweet at times, and there's no geniuses Alhamdulillah, since I cannot handle geniuses it makes me infuriated sorry), the classes aren't too far from the teachers' room and the best one is...the teachers are so friendly! I didn't recall anyone I didn't talk to, or didn't greet me. Perhaps because we sat in the teachers' room, not in the pantry or other rooms like before so since they always sees us the communication was superb. It's good, really because the next semester we'll be seeing them again for a month. Good colleague makes a happy worker you know. Even if our clients were disastrous. 

I forgot I haven't posted the felt keychains I promised to the contestants in my last GA - three of them. I'm so sorry the hectic semester hence it's delayed. But I got two ready, the other one was so hard to make I think I'll just buy her one and apologized. 

Life's hard. I miss the beach, the sun (?), the jungle, the cats. My life had been less adventurous, and the best one I ever had lately was dancing to Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar. People said Kpop and Internet junkies are people who have no life - well I cannot disagree to that since there seems to be less opportunities for me to get a life. There's a long list in my wishlist that has not been and cannot be ticked off. Like experiencing winter, autumn and spring; rock-climbing, shopping without worrying about money, star-gazing in a safe place, getting on a cable car, swimming, sitting on a high cliff looking towards the sea at night, having a campfire with close friends, learn how to play guitar or piano, writing novels and songs etc etc etc. I think it's getting severe these days. My longing for an adventure. And holiday. Adventurous one. 

Final year is all about work and less play, so expect me to babble a lot about this. *sigh*



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