Sunday, November 4, 2012

The King 2 Hearts

Salam alaykum =)

It's not a full review though, I'm just saying my opinion for this drama.

It feels like I'm watching those serious suspense-thriller-action dramas in the earlier year of this 21st century, with a mouthful flavour of Chinese historical film and Hong Kong action series, yet the love between the main characters was carved beautifully throughout the story. Along the way there's always something to remind us about their relationship, even though the script of most of the scenes was about saving the world and the lives of the people around them.

So the scenes where they are together are the most awaited scenes, because one could actually feel that love cultivates between them, though far apart from each other, or seldomly meet; yet that feeling of tanginess of love makes one wriggle in excitement whilst holding up the tears because every scenes as such are really touching and as though we were sharing that beautiful feeling of longingness and the need of each other. It do reminds me of Bollywood movies, ironically, where at the peak plot the heroine would be in great danger and after the hero saves the day, we, the spectators would sigh in relief. I was, but at the very end of every episode I was left feeling anxious.

It was something good, really, because that ensures my loyalty to this drama.

I will surely watch the next episode and fell in love again with the unresponsible-turned-charismatic main actor and the elegant-yet-heroic sweet heroine, and yes, get swept away into the world that drama was in.

Perhaps I should find a way to be casted in drama as such. =)

4.52 am . 11/4/2012

Finally it's over. And yes again I'm feeling obnoxious at the moment just like I always did whenever I got that drama fever. But this time it's more of satisfactory rather than dissappointment.

The plot was great. The actors' chemistry was superb. The ending was peaceful. So the whole story? Remarkable.

This drama seems to be quite sensitive, touching the issue regarding North and South Korea which is at the meantime is still in a not-so-buddy kinda relationship. But they did it, the production team did it, in making a drama based on most Korean citizens’ vivid hope, regardless Northern or Southern people.  About the unity.

And what's more surprising is the rigorous involvement of the countries all around the world, including bigger names like China, Russia and America. They certainly hit the boundary most drama producers not quite willing to pass.

But the most awesome aspect about this drama is that throughout the story, I felt like the script is written by the King of Korea himself, or at least some kind of minister or a diplomat because the smoothness of the drama happen to be because it makes us closer to the life behind the ministries and palace building. So someone familiar must have been playing the biggest role in sharing the storyline and ideas for this drama to develop so naturally.

Or perhaps some kind of villain was involved in the making of the script. Perhaps a world-class assassin like Kim Bong Gu.

Oh yeah right finally he was mentioned. He should get an Oscar award for his great acting. He succeeded in getting people annoyed, just from the first scene. His way of talking and making people got goosebumps just by staring at his expressionless face and his mean speeches. It’s kinda funny but I didn’t dare to laugh.

Yeah and throughout the later episode I didn't stop praying that someone, somebody please...kill that damn psycho woman. What was her name again, Mia Taylor? Such a sweet name, really. But give her a standing ovation because she really played the psychotic character very well. With her face and makeup and her fondness to experiment various ways of killing people, she really gave people the creeps.

And I think I fell in love with too many person in this drama. Some of them looks rough outside but there are scenes where I find myself saying "Haha cute." to them. For example the North Korean who can’t get SNSD’s Tiffany out of his head. He tried really hard to deny but often watch their music videos. Some of them even have the privilege of making me shed tears for them. Like Princess Jae Shin; her crying act looks real, it makes one feel sad just by hearing her crying. I even felt the emptiness and longingness when King Jae Kang died.  And Eun Shi Gyeong? Really, really want to meet a person like him. Seriously innocent and innocently serious.  Cute.  Yeah it's a pity he died later on. Who would ever predict that John Mayer got a mini rifle in his hand which was easy to withdraw although he’s handcuffed?

Oh yeah I do have one thing unsettled. Hey why isn't the princess able to walk again? It's been 4 years and the only improvement is that she changes her wheelchair? And why didn’t they just give a death sentence to Kim Bong Gu? He had killed a king, and was just sentenced to jail for a lifetime? That's not fair.

nota kaki | I said I wouldn't do a review about this drama but I did. And sorry for the grammar error; I'm not a major in TESL or native English speaker. =) 


  1. 4.52 AM ? woww....are you not sleepy of that?

  2. Yeah U just did a reiview of it. Cool huh. It's ok , Keep writing and practice make prefect. Language will die if U didn't practice it always.


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