Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lee Seung Chul's My Love Piano Cover by PianoHeart

This is lovely =)

Okay. This is not a spammed entry. My Google account wasn't hacked (except for my Dad / lil sis / big sis at home - I was checking my Youtube watch history and suddenly fishing videos were on the list and I was like "uhh when did I watch these??") and I am pretty sure my laptop wasn't infected by some kind of I'll-post-on-behalf-of-you virus. 

This is one of my hobbies. Listening to piano and classical musics I mean. But playing the real piano / keyboard would have been my dream, if my fingers aren't stubby as they are now. tehee.



  1. Playing piano is not that hard as you think, all you need is passion, talent, practice, practice and a looooottttttttt of practice....haha


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