Sunday, May 12, 2013

Went to the Arcade

It's a family park. Got a 30 minute massage on the public massage chair and spend RM2 for a less-than-5-minutes-game of shooting the invading aliens. If I spend an hour playing that, I may forgot who I am. Too absorbed in games, aye I'm a game freak mueheheh.

And here.

It's a family park. It is. I'm not lying. It is.



  1. jangan main tembak2, main racing Daytona ya pun boleh buat orang ketagih...cis! bahaya main game tok, sekali main pasti mok agik haha

  2. Bestnya.. Kamek jarang g jalan-jalan.. Huhu..

  3. mcm berat jer ..
    Btw, nice to see your blog, i'm just started in blogging, please visit mine too. :)


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